beef pho soup but no pho

Vietnamese – Pho but not as you know it

Even pre-keto I was never big on wheat based noodles. That included pasta but what I do love are rice noodles. Almost in any format. Fried rice noodles, soup rice noodles and what about cheung fun? Yum! Earlier this year I even did a sympathy “dry July” when I went without wheat and sugar. That actually wasn’t too hard… especially since I still had rice as my staple.

beef pho soup but no pho

I do love a good pho. Near work there is a Gia Hoi I have lunch at and I usually order the Beef with Tendon Pho (Pho Tai Gan). This has been a great meal with the rice noodle soup but it’s usually a huge bowl.

When I started keto I decided to go and order it but just ask for no noodles. I really don’t know why I didn’t ask for this earlier! It was brilliant as the lady asked if I wanted extra bok choy instead. BONUS!

Pho beef soup mixed
Love how they gave me extra bok choy!

So definitely this is a great keto friendly option. The beef is usually flank beef and the tendon is high in protein and low in fat (but often is accompanied by fat). The broth may have some sugar in it but I don’t think it’s that much. And the bok choy and bean sprouts are great low in net carb options.

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