Starting a CGM experiment

I love doing quantified self type analysis. Mainly to lose weight but I feel that if I understood what my data was telling me I could optimise my health.

Today I installed a CGM sensor in my arm so I could scan and find out my blood glucose levels and how it’s affected by food. I’m going into the office (rare occurrence due to Covid19) so it’ll be an interesting day 1.

I’m coming from a base of carnivore-ish. I’ve tried carnivore in April (Easter Monday 2020) and did that strictly for about 30 days. Now I’m mostly carnivore and have added in some of my keto foods. I’ve also been reading Ted Naiman’s book and tweets so have added in some low fat Greek yoghurt. (I’m lactose intolerant but since it’s yoghurt it’s minimal/no lactose).

You can read more about being KOCI in my previous post.

I’ve started documenting my experience via video snippets. Here’s the YouTube playlist. I’m trying to do it as real time as possible so you can follow along.

Here’s a graph from earlier today

The red parts are when I dip below 3.9 mmol/L or 70 mg/L. As you can see I’m pretty much tracking at the bottom of it range.

I ate only breakfast in the time range of the graph and had eggs and bacon. And two coffees. But you won’t be able to tell when! The graph stayed low pretty much the whole day!

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