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Roasted Nuts – in 2 minutes

I’ve been doing 2 minute roasted nuts for a while but thought others may be interested in this cooking hack!

This is a simple way to get dry roasted nuts in almost no time.

Basically it’s microwave roasted nuts.

I use a small plate that’s microwave friendly (ceramic in my case and never plastic!) — it’s the side plate or bread plate from a crockery set if that helps you decide which plate to use.

All I do is put 1 layer of nuts on the plate.  Don’t stack the nuts.  Just one layer.  Put them in the microwave for 1 minute.

Take the plate of nuts out of the microwave and turn the nuts.  I am lazy and just ‘stir’ the nuts with my hands and then lay them back in one layer.

Put it back in the microwave and zap it for another minute.

Take the plate out and let it cool.  (You can do one more stir if you want).

The nuts become ‘crunchy’ after it cools.

Store the in an airtight container.  I like putting them in the fridge for an extra level of crispness.

Warning 1 – 2 minutes of cooking for nuts!  That is nuts!  and dangerous if you happen to like roasted nuts.

Warning 2 – I roast a lot of pecans these days and it’s managed to stain my white plates.

No recipe required surely… but if you need a nicely formatted one… here you go:

2 minute roasted nuts

Want a quick hack to make roasted nuts.  All you need is a plate, nuts and a microwave.
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time2 mins
Total Time4 mins
Course: Snack
Keyword: nuts


  • 2 handfuls raw nuts pecans, almonds, peanuts (yes I know they aren't nuts!)


  • Put one layer (only) of raw nuts on a microwave safe plate (ceramic one)
  • Put it in the microwave on high for 1 minute
  • Turn the nuts on the plate
  • Put it back in the microwave for another minute
  • Take it out of the microwave, give it a bit of a stir and then wait till the nuts cool
  • Store in an airtight container

Let me know if you have tried this.  It’s a great little hack and it has worked for almonds and pecans for me.  I haven’t tried many others but have been doing this for a while (pre-keto!) and it hasn’t failed me yet.

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