Packet of Classic Fish Skin by Tasty Duck

Review: Tasty Duck Fish skin snack

Thanks to Tasty Duck for sending us a couple of packs to review. This is the first time we have received freebies to try out.  (No affiliate or benefits for us from this review except eating these yummy snacks).

You may have seen a previous post about trying Irvin’s Salted Duck Egg Fish Skin, this time we were contacted by Tasty Duck to try their fish skin product.  It’s hard to try the product by yourself so I took it into my workplace to give it a try.  A number of us tried it – only two of us are keto and a few of us are Asian 🙂  This was the same crew that tried the Irvin’s Salted Duck Egg Fish Skin too!

There were two packets in the box sent to us (yay!!) and each were 100 grams each.  It may not sound like a lot but the snack food lasts a long time and is available in a nice resealable packet.  

If you are looking for something chip-like and want to get some nice omega 3 fats as well (I’m guessing this would be the case and have no basis to think this exists in these snacks) then the Tasty Duck Fish Skin could be a great option for you!  It’s crunchy/crispy and has a great flavour to it.  Salty and has a curry flavour.  I love that the ingredients are very clean – they use palm oil (and yes I know there are dramas around the ethical nature of palm oil) which is a lot better than canola or other seed oils which are now seen to be very unhealthy.  The ingredients are fish skin, palm oil, chilli, curry leaves, pepper and salt.  Compared to the Salted Duck egg version of fish skin the notable difference is (no I’m not going to state the very obvious lack of salted egg!) the lack of sugar.  So it’s very good in terms of no ‘carby’ ingredients.  There is certainly going to be some carbohydrates from the curry leaves but since it is so low down in the ingredient list this is definitely a very keto friendly snack!

Packet of Classic Fish Skin by Tasty Duck Back of the packet for Tasty Duck Classic Fish Skin

The verdict from the taste test was mixed however all the guys who tried it, tried a second one… and agreed that the second and subsequent ones were better than the first bite.  It was a weird taste test, almost that the flavour built over time.  The Warning on the back of the packet didn’t really eventuate though.  Not that it wasn’t tasty but it wasn’t “Extremely Addictive”.  I’m not sure if it’s because we were all very snack smart and didn’t munch away at them.  My personal preference is for the salted duck flavour of fish skin but it’s very limiting the number you can eat given it’s got sugar and carbohydrates.  So if you want a few more ‘chips’ per serve during your keto diet then I would highly recommend the Tasty Duck Classic Fish Skin snacks.

If you are looking for something crispy and crunchy and keto and want something beyond pork rinds this is a great alternative!  Guess what I just found out?  The Tasty Duck Fish Skin has been renamed!  It’s now known as “Tasty Duck Keto Classic Fish Skin”.  You can find the link to buy it (yes they ship internationally!) here: 

There are no nutritional details on the back of the packet nor on the website but it is definitely keto friendly.  The resealable packet makes it s a great buy.  At only S$6.25 a packet it can provide that crunch you may be after.  

We did the taste test and review back in January 2020.  That was a long time ago.  We are currently in Covid19 era and I noticed that the Tasty Duck website isn’t shipping internationally right now but I’m sure they will come back online soon.

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