Paleo Pure Keto Coffee Creamer with mug and coffee

Review: Paleo Pure Keto Coffee Creamer Double Choc

One of my vegan friends was kind enough to gift me a container of Paleo Pure Keto Coffee Creamer Double Choc flavoured! I think she must be psychic as I was just searching around for ‘creamer’ options which is ‘portable’. I purchased some long life cream option from Woolworths the other day (Devondale) which I have yet to try but thought that could be somewhat portable to take to work as it has one of those screw top lids. But a powdered form of cream was what I was looking for.

Thank goodness for psychic friends.

Don’t you just love my mug? The Force *is* strong with this one.

Coffee Creamer?

What is coffee creamer? As an Asian to me that means Coffeemate. But there is no way that’s keto friendly. Firstly it’s sweet. And it’s full of ‘stuff’. Goodness knows what but it does make a super rich coffee. So creamy and yum. Coffee creamer isn’t a foreign concept. What I was looking for is just powdered cream as that seemed to be the simplest option considering I was buying cream to put in my tea and coffee. Alas in Australia it doesn’t seem to exist although I see lots and lots of milk powder! (In Hurstville I see lots of people buy bags and bags of milk powder. I assume it’s to take back to China or to sell to … someone? It’s got to do with the fake baby formula and milk powder that is produced in China… I assume.)

Coffee creamer, to me, is something I add to my black coffee to make it creamy and more like a white coffee.

Cream generally is less than 1 g of carbohydrates for a serve. And cream can go a long way to help a coffee for it’s acidity or bitterness. In terms of options to access I’ve found macadamia nut milk, unsweetened almond milks, unsweetened coconut milk are the best “milk” options but they may not be the best milk options for coffee. For that cream is my favourite option. In Australia it’s not that common to be able to get cream for your coffee. Hence my search for BYO creamer.

MCT Powder

In my search for coffee creamer I came across a few MCT Powder options. That certainly is an option but I wasn’t sure if that would give me the ‘creaminess’ I was after. I’ve only ever used MCT oil in my early attempts at Bulletproof Coffee (aka butter + MCT oil and coffee blended). MCT oil in my view was a transparent oil… hardly what I thought would help my coffee obtain its creaminess.

The gift of the Paleo Pure Keto Coffee Creamer certainly has provided me with a great opportunity to try it out. The Double Choc flavour is interesting as I wouldn’t have thought to use it but my friend rightly remembered I used to drink mochas!

Morning Coffee Verdict

I thought I’d treat myself for Christmas a cup of the creamer infused coffee! I have a bag of Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Delight coffee (don’t judge — I love hazelnut flavoured stuff!) I bought last week and have my Aeropress at home so it was time to give it a try! I made my Aeropress coffee straight into the mug and then added a heaped teaspoon (just a normal one from the drawer not a measuring one) of the coffee creamer into the mug and then used one of those hand held cappuccino milk frothers (the one that runs on 2 x AA batteries) to wizz it up. As you can see in the pic it is quite frothy. I did put a dash of cream in as well because I had some but it was only a couple of teaspoons worth.

Yum. Hazelnut coffee + double chocolate! Or a Hazelnut Mocha. It tasted great. Not too sweet as I normally have my coffee unsweetened. I can’t wait to use it in a milkshake when I use some unsweetened coconut milk. At 2.7g carbs per serve I don’t want to go crazy (cream is less than 1g for the quantity I use). Also my serving size was less than the recommended heaped tablespoon. So I chalk it up as 3g of net carbs in my head so I can keep count. I’m trying to keep to less than 20g net carbs a day.

The Product

So where does one buy this Coffee Creamer? I am not sure! My friend gave it to me. And the website currently is shut due to Christmas (who does that!?). The cached version gives me some details though. The really really cool thing is that it’s Australian! Here I was searching iHerb and Amazon for creamer and it’s an Australian product. Really poor SEO but given the poor decision to ‘close’ the Shopify store over the Xmas period I’m not that surprised (hey @PaleoPure if you want some help with your site and eCommerce let me know — I know peeps!)

The Ingredients

Organic Coconut Milk, Non GMO C8 C10 MCT Oil Powder, Raw Organic Cacao Powder, Non GMO Xylitol from Birch, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin*, Organic Acacia Gum fibre sources*

Nutrition Information

Servings per pack: 30Serving size: 8.3g 
 Avg Qty
Per Serving
Avg Qty
Per 100g
Energy185 kJ2220 kJ
Protein0.7 g8.6 g
Fat – Total2.8 g34.2 g
Saturated2.7 g32.4 g
Carbohydrate2.7 g32.2 g
Sugars0.3 g3.2 g
Sodium9 mg113 mg

Yes from me!

It’s a Yes from me. Yummy, not too sweet, great for coffee. Looking forward to trying it with a cup of coconut milk for a nice milkshake breakfast. May even throw some coffee in there too for a coffee / mocha milkshake!


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