Pepper Salt Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs on a Keto diet

One of my favourite and simple protein/fat components of eating a Asian Keto diet is ‘dark meat’ from a chicken and not just any dark meat, but the thigh.  And you wouldn’t be Asian enough if you didn’t eat the part with the bones rather than just a thigh fillet.  Did you know you can buy just the thigh bit with skin and not get the drumstick bit.  Some people like the drumstick and you get a maryland, but I prefer just the thigh and yes I want the skin and bones too!  I buy them interchangeably but at times they are called “thigh” or “thigh cutlet”.  For different chicken cuts in Australia – try checking this link:

I rarely see them in ‘packs’ but find them at the supermarket in the deli section.  Here’s a picture of chicken thigh cutlets when they were on special in Woolworths:

Display cabinet with chicken pieces including chicken thigh cutlets for $5.50 per kilo (on special)

This post is pretty much just picture after picture of my chicken thigh meals… but I do have an instruction or two for those who need a bit more info!

For chicken thighs, I love cooking it in my air fryer.  It’s just so simple!

I just sprinkle some seasoning – in this case Salt and Pepper (szechuan pepper of course!) and bake!

Here is an easy option of spinach and chicken – a great easy keto meal… 15 minutes and dinner is ready!

Or maybe it’s a bok choy night?

Or zucchini and chicken?

Or maybe you’re feeling lazy like me and just want to get some chicken goodness in?

Back to zucchini and chicken!

And sometimes you just want to have a bit of ginger and shallot goodness…. so just a plain old chicken thigh baked in the air fryer can give you the white cut chicken taste without the hassle.

But most of the time I just do salt and pepper… and to make it super easy… just use a premixed seasoning like I do!

Take the shaker…


And sprinkle it on the chicken – both on the bottom and the skin side to get max flavour in minimum time!

I bake it in the oven on max heat for about 15 minutes.  Chicken is something you want to cook thoroughly so in this case more is better.  You can test the chicken by sticking a skewer in and making sure the juice runs clear… I like to run the risk (despite what I said about cooking it thoroughly!) but would still like to make sure you cook it thoroughly so there is no harm!

Once done I eat it…. no resting required for the chicken!  And if I cook extra I sometimes can take it to work 🙂

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