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Plate of pecans
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Roasted Nuts – in 2 minutes

I’ve been doing 2 minute roasted nuts for a while but thought others may be interested in this cooking hack! This is a simple way to get dry roasted nuts in almost no time. Basically it’s microwave roasted nuts. I use a small plate that’s microwave friendly (ceramic in my case and never plastic!) — […]

Cocoyo and Aldi Coconut Yoghurt
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Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut Yoghurt What’s delicious creamy, slightly sweet, low carb and good for you?  Yes!  Coconut yoghurt is all that!!! I love it. Why no dairy milk? I can have dairy to a point so it’s not a must have item for me but I am somewhat lactose intolerant.  I’ve never been diagnosed but when you […]