Omelette – A simple keto meal

Want to whip up a simple keto meal that is fit for company?  Only have simple ingredients handy?  Just whip up a simple omelette.

Mine are super simple.  Beat up two or three eggs per person.  Pour a thin layer into a medium heated fry pan.  Add ingredients and then fold and serve!

As for the ingredients I make sure they are cooked and then I add cheese.  Mozzarella is my favourite to add in but it’s up to you!  Other ingredients I add other than cheese are – fried mushrooms, some spinach, bacon or ham bits and onions.

I had my lovely neighbours come over for dinner and that’s what I served them.  Plus some keto dessert but this was enough for a meal even if it’s not fancy it worked a treat and was keto and vegetarian friendly.  One of my neighbours is vegetarian and enjoyed the meal.

One of the others even said it was the #bestever omelette they ever had!  Even I didn’t think it was that amazing.  With the bacon and cheese I didn’t add any other seasonings although did offer salt and pepper at the table.

What’s your favourite simple keto meal?  I’d love to hear what yours are!  (Looking back at this I think I should have served a simple salad with it too… ah well it would be more complex than a simple keto meal then… )

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