Roast goose and suckling pig with vegetables

My favourite Hong Kong keto meals!

My favourite Hong Kong keto meals!

You may realise I love having duck and vegetables from a Chinese BBQ place.  But in Hong Kong, the ante is up’d again.  To Goose.  Roast goose.  Yup!  Yum.  And… suckling pig.  OMG.  So delicious.

If you get stuck with ordering,  just order it normally and don’t eat the rice.  I prefer though to have it without the rice… as it’s just wasteful when I leave a plate of rice.

Roast Duck and Suckling Pig with Rice and Vegetables Leftover rice from a keto person

I could eat it every day.  And I think I did when I was in Hong Kong for a few days.  At least I hope I did to maximise my time there.  Haha!

Roast goose and suckling pig with vegetables

The place I enjoyed the most was Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant because it was unpretentious and similar to a fast food restaurant but with table service and I was able to get the above delicious meal set for a bargain HKD70 (In Aussie dollars approx $13)!  Two of the best BBQ meats with veges and a HK style milk tea (no sugar!)  There are a few of these around in Hong Kong.  The link I have is just to one of the ones I went to —  the one where the photo was taken.  I don’t want to bore you with more of the same meal photos but I did have a few of these meals whilst in HK!  Even at the airport.

Roast goose and vegetables

I also did have another meal of beef tendons and vegetables.  Yup that was all I had from Sister Wah Beef Brisket.  They were famous for their beef brisket noodle soup, so I had the idea of having beef brisket soup (sans noodles!) but when I got there and realised I could have just tendons… well I was sold!  Beef tendons have a heap of collagen and isn’t that easy to find/have in Sydney, Australia so I just thought to have that with a plate of green vegetables.

beef tendon soup and green vegetables

And what sort of Chinese keto person to not have chickens feet?  The first night there I went out and found a place that served ‘supper’ (it was close to midnight at the time) and veges.  It can be a bit sweet so isn’t that keto but when travelling I end up just relaxing the rules just a bit since I do a lot of walking and figured I should just live to keto principles as it’s a lifestyle, and not a diet, right?  🙂

Dim Sim Chicken feet with black bean and chilli

So many options but I still know my favourite is roast goose, suckling pig and vegetables.

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