Is it Keto?

The Is it Keto website

Over the weekend I built a quick site to provide an answer to “Is x Keto”.  The site is at  There is another site with the same name (which I didn’t discover till after I put together the website) which does something similar but doesn’t have the number of items my site does.

I’d like to encourage you to add to the database and knowledge base.  And even get some free link juice (if it’s keto related!).  There’s a section where you can add a bit of commentary about yourself or your site which we’re happy to post.

I don’t want to maintain another website but think a general information about the keto diet either for beginners or for people catering to keto friends could be useful.  Many sites out there talk about macros and percentages but people just want to know if something is keto friendly or not.


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