Egg-cellent Keto Breakfast anywhere… I hope!

Breakfast should be an easy option for most people on the keto diet. Especially those who are doing intermittent fasting (IF). If you are doing IF (as in 18:6 or OMAD) then breakfast is the easiest in the world. Nothing. Yep zero. No need for carb counting as you aren’t having anything at all.

But for those days where you want something and want a backup if you are just really really hungry or need to eat with others, you can always do sides. One of the options I’m having whilst traveling and visiting with my Aunt in China is eggs. Yep the humble egg. Or two. Or three. With a cup of instant coffee. Although the instant coffee was harder to find than the eggs. So next time I travel I will BYO coffee and Aeropress. (I bought a teeny tiny jar of Nescafe Gold Blend for the equivalent of AUD10. Talk about extortionate prices!)

So eggs are universally available right?

These things are what I call eggs. Chicken eggs mostly.

And the easiest ways to have them is to poach or fry them or boil them. It cook by stealth. I have access to a microwave so I’ve been doing the 1 minute poached egg trick.

  1. Take 1 room temperature egg.
  2. Get a microwave safe mug.
  3. Half fill it with water (room temp). I use filtered water cos I’m that sort of person.
  4. Crack the egg into the cup with the water in it.
  5. Put it in the microwave on high at 60 seconds (or 45 seconds if you think your microwave is too high power)
  6. Check the egg, if it looks done-ish tip out the excess water and then pop the egg into a bowl or plate.

Repeat with another egg until you have enough eggs for your meal. I don’t know how to do two at once… so I just make one at a time.

My breakfast:

Breakfast for Keto champions. Coffee, 3 poached eggs (1 minute microwave eggs!) and supplements

And a fancier version when I had an avocado handy:

Two poached eggs (I like mine runny!) 1/2 an avocado and a cup of coffee. I found some nice Himalayan Pink Salt too.

Runny Eggs – a purely Asian style of “cooking” eggs

Other than the usual ways of cooking eggs like frying an egg, South East Asians like what is considered a “runny egg”. And they even have a contraption to make these so called “runny eggs”. I bought one years ago and recorded how to use it to make runny eggs.

How to make runny eggs

For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, it’s basically me using a contraption (I don’t know what it’s called!) to make runny eggs. It’s a container that drips water out at a particular rate. You pop the eggs (room temperature!) in and then pour boiling water and when the water is drained out it’s time to eat! (Just scoop out the egg into a bowl. I suppose you could also eat it like a boiled egg too in an egg cup). Asians would normally eat it with some soy sauce. I just douse mine with some Himalayan pink salt!

I remember reading somewhere how others would “boil” eggs by just a boiled water immersion and just let the boiled water soak into cook but I have no idea of timing and I do like it as a runny egg. It use to be fantastic with toast… but is still great on it’s own as a meal.

Most of the time I just do a microwave poached egg if I feel like I need some breakfast or even if I just need a poached egg as part of my meal.

So wherever you are as long as you have at least access to eggs and the ability to boil water, surely you can make eggs for a keto friendly meal. (If you are stuck in a hotel room you can use one of those coffee peculator things to make eggs too)

So keep calm and keto on folks! πŸ™‚

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