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Duck with veges
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Duck it!

Chinese Roast Duck is my lazy keto option My go to Chinese meal for keto is duck. Mainly because it’s easy to go to a Chinese BBQ place and just get a “duck and rice” and just ask them to hold the rice. Often the person behind the counter will give me more Asian greens […]

Overhead shot of dim sums
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Keto-ing on in China

I’m currently visiting with my Aunt in China in a place called Shishi in Fujian province. Never heard of it? Neither had I until my Aunt started her business here! I was worried I needed to go off keto whilst on this trip even when I was so well behaved on Christmas day. Other than […]

beef pho soup but no pho
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Vietnamese – Pho but not as you know it

Even pre-keto I was never big on wheat based noodles. That included pasta but what I do love are rice noodles. Almost in any format. Fried rice noodles, soup rice noodles and what about cheung fun? Yum! Earlier this year I even did a sympathy “dry July” when I went without wheat and sugar. That […]

Cafe Lazy Panda
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Keto Christmas Day in Hurstville

It’s the first day of the blog and also Christmas day 2018. I didn’t have any plans but thankfully I live in Hurstville where there are some shops and restaurants open AND I have lovely neighbours who happen to be Caucasian but also do not celebrate Christmas! So we decided to have brunch together. Thanks […]