Cooked eggs, pork slices and some liver

Carnivore (ish) keto Asian and Chinese style

I spent 7 days on a carnivore diet. As a test and experiment.

I mostly ate at home in the evenings and ate out at lunch.  It wasn’t too much of a stretch past my usual keto meals as there was no need to prepare veges.

Meal Preparation while doing Carnivore

Most meals were just fried up meat and eggs or I would use the slow cooker or air fryer.

I wasn’t stringent on being carnivore, so you will see a pic with leeks and I would use pepper or soy sauce or garlic or even peanut butter to help with the flavours.  Usually I don’t eat that much cheese but when I had a bunless burger out I ate it without the salad side but ate the cheese that was on top of the burger patty.

Meals looked a bit sad and lonely so I often had a ‘side’ of some other protein!  Eggs or some other meat.  Generally though the meal preparation was super easy. From shopping to cooking and eating it was all very simple.

Shopping was only one section of the supermarket and just buying meat (in my case!).  Meat is also great for storing and freezing and doesn’t have the perishability of berries or vegetables.

One of the things about just trialling a carnivore diet is that the cost was less over the week as I don’t think I ate any more meat or eggs than normal but rather just eliminated the nuts, vegetables and berries I would normally have.

What to Eat as an Asian Carnivore

So what did I eat exactly during my week?  I had mostly pork, chicken, steak (beef), eggs, duck… actually it’s pretty simple as it’s not much different to my normal keto food just not the ‘bad’ stuff like snacks and desserts – like berries – and sides of vegetables.

Asians generally are reported to eating a lot of meat.  It’s meant to be one of the reasons why people in Hong Kong live so long (no commenting on current political unrest here!)  So I’m just doing my bit and eating lots of meat too.  695g is a lot of meat though…

Best way to check what I ate is scrolling through the gallery.

Meal frequency

It’s easy to do OMAD (One Meal A Day) or intermittent fasting with two meals a day.  As mentioned I usually had lunch out and dinner at home.  One time during the week I just had the one meal as lunch was so filling I didn’t need dinner.  Generally (even non carnivore!) I just enjoy eating so I end up having two meals even if I’m not hungry at lunch time to have my first meal of the day.

Carnivore Affect on Weight Loss

I’m a slow loser.  I don’t tend to lose weight easily.  So your mileage may vary!  For the 7 days I managed to lose 1.77kg!  So that was a very successful week.

Carnivore vs Keto vs something else

I listen to a lot of podcasts and watch YouTube videos and influencers such as Shawn Baker, Dr Ken Berry, Kait, Dr Gray, Mikhaila Peterson are carnivores and many of them have transitioned from being on a keto diet to being carnivore.  And despite liking it I just can’t make myself commit to carnivore over the long term. I liked how I felt, it was simple but I want to make sure my diet is sustainable over the long term.  I like veges and berries.  And whilst I could definitely lose more weight I’ve committed to keto for health reasons and I still like eating vegetables and having the changes in texture.

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